Sanlorenzo SL 94

Sanlorenzo SL 94 is a great escape from our busy world. Nowadays it happens more and more often that the high-tech boats constructed to serve people become a noisy burden. But not this one. The Italian ship builder enhanced the yachting experience to another level. Their boat is offering all cool gadgets and innovations, but once you get on board you notice something else, something even more interesting. The yacht is surprisingly quiet. Then you simply have it all, a comfort, technologies and your small peaceful oasis.


Sanlorenzo SL 94 – For the Joy of Boating

The whole SL line is characterized by its timeless design, it is actually the most recognizable feature of all Sanlorenzo yachts. They create yachts to last forever and also to be the same stylish in twenty years as today. And there is no doubt they are really good at it. Except the great looks, the SL line has also extraordinary navigational systems to be able to manage any sea condition. This is a very good package for a real sailing adventure.

Thanks to the fact that the yacht is really silent and also the vibrations are reduced, the voyage becomes even more pleasant and relaxed.




Technical Data:

  • Length overall: 28.60 m
  • Maximum beam: 6.71 m
  • Draught @ full load: 1.91 m
  • Maximum speed: 29 knots
  • Engines: 2 x 2,216 HP MTU 16V2000M84
  • Guests accommodation: 8 people
  • Accommodation for the crew: 4 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity: 10,750 l

More Interesting Facts about San Lorenzo Yacht SL 94

  • The sound-reading and vibrations reducing technologies – There are features already implemented into the design which helps reducing the sound and vibrations such as two tunnels in the aft part of the hull. These tunnels reduce the shaft-line inclination. Then there is a damping treatment reducing the vibrations, and it is located under the gear box. They thought about the accommodation spaces as well. The cabins are damped with rubberized mounts. All combined together do the magic.
  • The crew’s quarters – Sanlorenzo follows a simple philosophy; if the crew is happy, everybody is happy. In practice it means that when you walk through the crew quarters you cannot notice any difference from the rest of the boat.
  • Possible change of the layout – This is an outstanding feature for a yacht of this size. The client has an option to change not only the interior and décor, but also the layout of the boat.
  • Interior designed by Marty A. Lowe – The yacht is finished in stone and wood. The interior is elegant and subtle. There are used two kinds of wood a whitewashed oak and a darker walnut. The stone is a white marble from Italy.
  • Very spacious fly bridge equipped with comfortable Minotti outdoor furniture.



How Much is the Silence? – Sanlorenzo SL 94 Price

Thankfully there are more than just one option how to get on board. If you are an interested buyer, you can choose either a new model or you can purchase a pre-owned one.

New model gives you an opportunity to be involved in the construction process and therefore you are buying a yacht that fits perfectly to your needs and style.

Sanlorenzo is famous by its excellent maintenance service and offers also an experienced yachts program. The trade-in yachts go through the process of assessment, fixing and refitting, testing to be delivered to their new owners without leaving a trace of the previous ones. Therefore buying a pre-owned Sanlorenzo is not a bad idea at all in case you want to be sure about your investment and save some money as well.

For example the pre-owned Sanlorenzo SL 94 (2012) is available in the market for 4,000,000 Euros, while the new model is sold for 5,700,000 Euros (for both VAT information not stated)

The third option is a yacht charter. You can have an unforgettable week on board of SL 94 starting on 49,400 Euros/week.

Which one suits you the best?



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