San Lorenzo SX 88 Yacht

San Lorenzo SX 88 Yacht is the Italian shipbuilder’s response to the new market demands. Sanlorenzo is famous by its almost limitless flexibility when it comes to satisfying their clients’ requirements and needs. And this new crossover Sanlorenzo yacht is a living proof they are so good at it. Basically, they took the best of the compact explorer yacht and combined it with the best of the fly bridge yacht. This revolutionary move paid off and the new crossover line was born.

San Lorenzo SX 88 Yacht – First There Was an Idea

Mr. Jousma, president of Sanlorenzo Americas, described the beginning of the new line this way: “It was a little controversial for Sanlorenzo to build another fly bridge motor yacht and not compete with itself. So there’s where the SX came from.”

The start of a new line had rather a natural development, but it would not be Sanlorenzo, if they did not add that something little extra. The public got really excited about this line as there had been several units sold even before its official debut in Cannes in September 2017.

The Yacht for All Sea Lovers, that Is San Lorenzo 88



Mr. Massimo Perotti, the CEO of Sanlorenzo, had a clear vision about this model. He wanted to design a yacht for people who love sailing and want to be closer to the sea. That is a revolutionary concept.

This fancy boat can offer really large spaces considering her size. She was also designed keeping the younger generation in mind. SX 88 is the “social” yacht. Sanlorenzo is very proud of this approach that offers a new way how to spend time onboard.

The interior and exterior spaces are very well balanced and would not disappoint even the most experienced owners.

It has also very impressive fly bridge. It is protected by a windshield that can be closed by side saver windows. The fly bridge can be also covered by the glass panels or by a user-friendly firm structure.

And because there is no helm, the fore area of the main deck is completely free. This way there can be an owner’s cabin or it could be a multi-functional space.

There is no wonder this yacht was that well received by the public. It looks great and has lots to offer.

Technical Data:

  • Length overall: 26.7 m
  • Maximum beam: 7.20 m
  • Draught at a full load: 1.70 m
  • Engines: 3 x IPS 1050 Volvo (800 HP)
  • Maximum speed: 23 knots
  • Fuel oil tank capacity: 9,300 l
  • Guest accommodation: 8 people
  • Accommodation for crew: 3 people



Introducing San Lorenzo SX 88 Crossover Yacht

The Italian ship builder cooperates with the most famous designers and architects. This time they chose the Officina Italiana Design. This studio is Sanlorenzo’s long-term partner and has worked on many common projects. Together they share the same passion for creating elegant, clean and timeless designs.

One of their smart innovations is an open transom. The transom can take 4.57 metre tender and a Jet Ski. There is also the 30 square metre bathing platform.

Mr. Massimo Perotti called this yacht a little revolution so as you can expect, it is packed with really cool innovations.

What Makes SX 88 Different

  • It is a vessel that was constructed not only to look pretty, but also to resist all weather conditions.
  • The clients can choose from three layouts, and it is possible without moving any structural elements.
  • Very generous stern area, in fact its size is breathtaking. The “beach club” level is five steps lower than the main deck. And there is enough space for 4.5 m tender, a jet Ski, Seabob, Jetlev Flyer, Wakeboard and even Stand Up Paddle. Sure, they thought about how to move these watercrafs up and down. The crane is very elegantly hidden in the prolonged profile of the handrail so that nothing disturbs the outlines of this perfect boat.
  • No more obstacles on the way from the cockpit to the bow. This model does not have the superyacht wheelhouse. Instead, there is a very pleasant open space, where is situated dining area, salon and galley.
  • The sky lounge is another outstanding feature. It is surrounded by a fixed forward windshield in front of the sole helm position. There are also four metres long side windows, these can be lowered completely. The lounging area is open from the left.
  • The yacht is very spacious also because there is not so much furniture and most of it is free standing. Sanlorenzo let his customers to leave their personal touch in the yachts’ interior, they even like getting inspiration in their homes. The owner has to love being onboard.
  • SX 88 is an eco-friendly boat. The Italian ship builder cares for the environment. They use materials and production processes that are environmentally friendly. They thought not only about the eco-friendly production, but also about the yacht’s operation. SX 88 can use all the systems onboard for 4 to 8 hours at zero emission, this is really impressive. It is possible, because it is equipped with high power lithium batteries, new lightening technologies, there is also efficient thermal insulation and effective energy management systems. Thanks to these features RINA awarded SX 88 with Green Class.
  • This model was also awarded the most innovative yacht of the year at the World Yacht Trophies presentation 2017.

Why Is the San Lorenzo SX 88 Layout so Unique?

The Italian shipyard pursuits quite a simple philosophy based on the close cooperation between them and the client.

When you choose Sanlorenzo you can be sure not only about very personal approach, but because they really follow their motto; made-to-measure, your yacht is going to be a reflection of your personal taste and style.

They have over 50 years practice in constructing luxury motor yachts, they sure know how to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Most of their yachts have more than only one layout option, which is truly remarkable. SX 88 is no different and the owner can choose from three possible layouts.

The Social Yacht



Sanlorenzo and its designers have come with the new concept of the interior space management and it has been successfully implemented not only in SX 88’s design. Their aim is to connect people onboard and let them enjoy their own company more by leaving the space more open and airy with minimum obstacles. Their aim is to improve and change the way people live on board and considering the success of this model, they have taken the right directions.

When it comes to the actual layout of the superb SX 88, the owner can choose to have his cabin on the main deck or leave the fore area completely free. In case of the second option, there would be an open multi-functional space.

When it comes to the lower deck, the layout options are the same generous as on the main deck. The client can choose whether he likes 4 or 5 double cabins.

The Public’s Favourite, but What Is San Lorenzo SX 88 Price?

This model is a real commercial success. The public has fallen in love with the new concept and the fact that several units were sold even before her official debut proves how special SX 88 is.

She is just the right mixture of everything an experienced yachtsman would want on his boat. A fierce Beauty that can take you on an adventure while you are enjoying her comfy interior and as a bonus you are eco-friendly.

In the beginning it was just a vision to create a new line of the yachts dedicated to experienced sea lovers and thanks to their hard work a dream became true and it exceeded their expectations.

It is a special yacht, and it reflects to her price. The new model of SX 88 is available for 5,200,000 Euros (VAT information not stated).

This is just an indicative price as each model can be customized and therefore the final costs may vary.

What You Should Know before Buying a Yacht?

Most of the yachtsmen agree that owning a yacht is a very personal thing and it is also a huge investment. That is why it is better to be prepared and take your time before buying the one of your own.

First of all you have to decide what type of a yacht you want and which suits you the best considering your experience, personal preferences and of course your budget.

If you picked one, you should decide whether you go for a new model or pre-owned one. You should take time researching, gathering as much information as possible. You can also contact a broker and visit some yacht exhibitions. This everything will help you to narrow your options in case you cannot decide which model you should choose.

The next step is the sea trial. It is a must, if you want to be sure about your decision. If everything is as it should be, then you can close the deal and sail away with your new toy and enjoy.

San Lorenzo Yacht SX 88 – The Price of an Adventurous Vacation

To be a yacht owner means to be a part of the exclusive yacht world. Unfortunately, not all of us can own the most expensive toys in the world. It is a world of luxury, but there is also the fun and joy of sailing in it and luckily you do not need to buy a yacht to experience a great sailing vacation. Although this specific model SX 88 is not available for charter yet, there are many others waiting to let you live a life of a luxury and absolute freedom.

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