San Lorenzo SD 112 Yacht

San Lorenzo SD 112 yacht is a connective link between the SD 92 and the SD 126. The model 112 is right in between the two previous types offering effortlessly the best features of both. The abbreviation SD refers to semi-displacement fiberglass yacht and Sanlorenzo has produced 30 of the SD line so far.

The Italian shipyard always put something extra to their work and this boat is no different, following their motto: ”Made to measure.” The result cannot be disappointing.

San Lorenzo SD 112 Yacht – Not Standard, Always Unique

If you know a bit about Sanlorenzo yachts, you also know it is almost impossible to describe the standard version of it. The reason why is simple, there is none. It is also one of the most amazing fact about this brand, there is no model like the other as the ship builder does his best to manufacture a yacht, which reflects her owner’s personal taste and imprints his character in it. Therefore each Sanlorezo is an original piece of art and the Italian manufacturer is rightfully proud of it.

Technical Data of San Lorenzo 112

It is important to mention that Sanlorenzo offers much more than only personalized interiors. In fact they are also very willing to change the whole layout of the boat or engines in order to design and construct a yacht of one’s dreams.

You can have a look at the technical data of the basic model.



Technical Data:

• Length overall: 34.10 m

• Maximum beam: 7.66 m

• Draught @ a full load: 2.00 m

• Maximum speed (approx.): a) 15 knots b) 17 knots

• Engines: a) 2 x MTU 10V 2000 M72 – 1224 HP b) 2 x MTU 10V 2000 M96 – 1523 HP

• Guest accommodation: 10 people

• Accommodation for crew: 5 people

• Fuel oil tank capacity: 25,000 l

O and Kathleen, Two Models of San Lorenzo Yacht SD 112

The model SD 112 is in between the SD 92 and SD 122, but it was designed as a completely new hull and not just as an extended or cut-off version of the two previous models.

“O” is the name of the very first SD 112. And as her captain said, she is the same seaworthy as eye worthy. By a coincidence O’s owner happened to be an architect, who has added plenty of smart and unique features into already interesting and innovative design.



O’s Interesting Features

One of the owner’s main objective was the space management. Usually, the yachts from the SD line have curved doors from the afterdeck to the salon. “O” has fully opening sliding doors, which are moved closer to the salon. It created a place for a hidden bar and a large TV in open-air salon extension.

Worth mentioning is also the owner’s master suite, which has 180 degrees view forward and to the sides thanks to the wraparound windows. Very interesting is also the planking behind the sofa, which creates an illusion of a curved yacht’s hull. And last but not least the suite also has a pantograph door.

Kathleen is the SD 112 that was delivered to a Scottish couple in 2016. This model was the first yacht designed by Antonio Citterio from the Citterio Viel Studio.

Two Different Approaches, Let’s Have a Look at San Lorenzo SD 112 Interior

The interior of “O” is a work of Sanlorenzo’s long-term partner Marty Lowe. The owner and this famous designer chose the furniture from the best Italian companies such as Edra, Minotti and Paola Lenti. One of the most outstanding features is the stylish dining table, which can be placed in between two white sofas. These coaches are not only fascinating but also very comfortable.

Kathleen is the debut of the Citterio-Viel Studio. Their aim was to recall the atmosphere of the grand private yachts. Kathleen’s design is timeless, elegant and stylish.

How Does the Great Design Reflect to the Sanlorenzo SD 112 Price?

Sanlorenzo yachts are unique, personalized to fit their owner’s style and taste and therefore their price may vary according to the amount of the changes made. The price also depends on other factors, such as the year of construction and if the model is new or pre-owned.

For example a new model (2018) is available for 11,200,000 Euros (VAT information not stated).



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