San Lorenzo 72

There is something you should know about Sanlorenzo yachts, they are never the same, always unique and San Lorenzo 72 is no different. This company has built its name and reputation on delivering exactly what their clients wish for no matter what size the boat is. This ability secured their position among the top shipyards, and their success proves it is the right strategy to follow.

As Mr. Massimo Perotti, the CEO of Sanlorenzo, proudly says: “If you want a piece of art, you go to Italy.” They have actually pushed it to another level offering their clients not only perfectly crafted vessel, but also giving them a chance significantly influence the process of construction.



San Lorenzo 72 – The European and American Version

In the world of a stiff competition, it is always good to stand out. Sanlorenzo manufactures semi-custom yachts that are adjusted to fit a particular market worldwide. Therefore there is not only a European version, but also Sanlorenzo Americas and an Asian branch in Hong Kong. They have to consider different climate and sailing destinations, but also cultural differences which demand the change in the layout of the boat. It does not matter if they have to change sockets for the U.S. appliances or if the Asian client requests separated crew quarters. Their aim is the clients’ satisfaction.

Made-to-measure Sanlorenzo 72

This Italian company simply does its best to meet all their clients’ wishes. They construct made-to-measure yachts, but what does it mean?

It could be described as a journey on which they gather all necessary information to create a boat that fits its owner’s taste and style.

  • The basic rule is to build a close relationship with a client in order to know his needs.
  • This way they are able to imprint the owner’s personality into the design.
  • They usually get inspired in their clients’ homes and involve them into the process of interior designing.
  • Last but not least their main objective is to create a unique piece of art.

The Main Characteristic Features of San Lorenzo SL 72

SL 72 is a model from the SL line, which is characterized by its timeless lines and exteriors contours. The timeless design is a feature typical for any Sanlorenzo. This line can boast great navigational features, because it was designed to manage any sea condition. Therefore SL 72 the same as the other models of this line are popular cruisers. She is a fly bridge type yacht in fiber glass.

The Yacht San Lorenzo 72 – The Specs

  • Length overall: 22.78 m
  • Maximum beam: 5.68 m
  • Draught @ full load: 1.93 m
  • Maximum speed: 29 knots
  • Engines: MTU 10V2000M92 4 (2 x 1380 HP)
  • Guests accommodation: 8 people
  • Accommodation for the crew: 2 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity: 5,100 l



The American Sister of San Lorenzo Yacht 72

It is important to mention that the American version of SL 72 is very different from its European sisters. It does not show that much in the exterior, but there are significant changes in the interior and the layout as well.

Interior by Marty A. Lowe

Marty A. Lowe has collaborated on many projects with Sanlorenzo. Her designs are very elegant and clean. In this particular model she tried to achieve a causal elegant look of a beach house. That is why she chose mainly sand and sea shells colors, she used stitched leathers, linens and rugs.

The furniture is low not to disturb the amazing sea view. The whole interior has plenty of smart details effortlessly combined together. Sophisticated, stylish, but yet very cozy, this is SL 72.


San Lorenzo 72 – The Occasions to Enjoy a Comfy Cruise

Sanlorenzo always cares for the comfort of their guests and the crew. The interior is very stylish and elegant, but it does not mean that they would have to sacrifice anything from its functionality. In fact they perfectly manage both. And the engineers considered not only a bad weather as a cruise spoiler. They understand that an excessive noise and machinery vibrations can be even more annoying. That is why they have implemented sound-reading and vibration reducing technologies.


What Is the Performance of San Lorenzo 72 Foot Superyacht?

This model is equipped with two 1,360 – HP Man V 12 engines. SL 72 is pretty fast boat as she can pull out impressive 29 knots at the maximum speed. You can enjoy an exciting ride at the maximum speed or a quiet one on the cruising speed of 24 knots. The yacht is doing great in both cases letting you experience a pleasant voyage.


What are the San Lorenzo 72 Layout Options?

The layout is actually one of the most outstanding features provided by this Italian company. It is not very usual that the clients can change the layout of their yacht. But at Sanlorenzo, each model has two or three layout options.

SL 72 is designed in three spacious staterooms or four staterooms layouts.


Comfortable and Fast. What Is the San Lorenzo 72 Price?

You already know that each Sanlorenzo is an original piece and there is no two identical. This reflects to its price as the owner can influence the process of construction and add his personal touch in the interior as well.

There are more factors which define the final costs, such as the year of production, the type of a yacht, whether it is new or pre-owned model, the number of changes made, etc.

To show the difference you can find the pre-owned model SL 72 – 467 (2006) for 1,300,000 Euros (VAT not paid), but there is also SL 72 from the same year available for 860,000 Euros (VAT paid). This means there are many options you can choose from.

Which one would be yours?



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