San Lorenzo 46 Steel

San Lorenzo 46 Steel is a five-deck 46 meters long superyacht with a steel displacement hull and aluminum superstructure. She can boasts outstanding features such as folding transom with water-level beach club, a starboard-side tender garage so that the upper deck is clear for the guests use. Another addition to the guests’ comfort is the anti-vibration construction, which is reducing the machinery noise. This astonishing lady has also a fly bridge with panoramic views. This yacht is offering more space at every turn to provide comfort for her guests. Comfort without compromising that is what characterized 46 Steel.

Technical Data:

  • Length overall : 46.00 m
  • Maximum beam : 9.30 m
  • Draught @ full load : 2.65 m
  • Maximum speed : 17 knots
  • Engines : 2 x MTU 12V4000 M64 – 1900 HP
  • Guests accommodation : 10 people
  • Accommodation for the crew : 9 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity : 45,000 l



San Lorenzo 46 Steel – Exciting from Inside Out

This yacht is packed with so many cool innovations it is hard to decide with which one to start first.

It is not the polished exterior or super stylish interior what makes this yacht so special, what is the biggest selling point has nothing to do with what you see. It is actually something discreetly hidden beneath. 46 Steel has an ‘under lower deck’, which is a tunnel that runs the entire length of the yacht, it starts at the engine room and continues under the guests rooms and the crew’s quarters, straight to the bow. This provides an easy access to the cold-storage rooms and the extra freezer. It is also a laundry area and it creates machinery spaces for the stabilizers, bow thruster and other equipment. This award-winning tunnel is a real designing achievement considering the size of the yacht as most yachts of this size do not have a machinery or service deck. The crew can walk through unimpeded. Many of the superyachts’ owners would agree that removing the obstacles for the crew is making their own yachting experience more enjoyable.

From Aluminum to Steel

The steel is the material of choice in the superyachts market. Sanlorenzo clients are conservative in nature and they care more about the construction and therefore whether their investment is sound. That is why the Italian ship builder decided to use steel for this line knowing they are not going to stay at 46 meters only.



Both clients and competitors are particularly interested in the yacht performance. The 46 Steel has bulbous bow for better fuel consumption and stability and the tank is tested by the prestigious Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). This is impressive enough to make any client happy, the competitors not that much. The range of the base model is 4,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. For example Trident also built with steel hull and aluminum superstructure can cruise 3,500 nautical miles without refueling.


The Enjoyable Stay in the Peaceful Interior

All the luxury or the performance would be for nothing if the owner and his guests could not enjoy the stay on board. The vibrations or noise would be a big minus in this exclusive market. Therefore Sanlorenzo yachts were built from materials that absorb machinery humps and vibrations. As the other superyachts ship builders they chose the ‘box in box’ approach, very pleasant and practical indeed.

Sanlorenzo also let the client to personalize not only the décor, but also the layout of the yacht. Therefore there is no Sanlorenzo like the other and it pretty much means that there is no standard version.

For example when you walk aboard Lammouche, the 46 Steel that had a premiere at Monaco Yacht Show in autumn 2010, and see the salon, its size leave you speechless as it is much bigger than you would expect. It looks even more spacious thanks to the large windows on each side. It is also because there is no dining area. Upon the owner’s request it was moved up one level. This area can be both indoor and outdoor. The bar is also situated there for better convenience of the guests as they can freely float between these areas.

Worth mentioning is the staircase that is connecting all three decks. The stairways at all Sanlorenzo’s yachts are unique pieces of art by their own, showing off the skills of the designer and the stairway here is no different.

Another great, sort of camouflage feature is the mirrors in the guest rooms. They are not only mirrors, in fact these are elegantly hidden televisions, just turn them on and the picture will appear.

But who would sit in and watch TV when there are so many things to do. The 46 Steel has also a beach club that appears when the transom door folds down and fully equipped gym. This yacht simply has it all, comfort and style backed up with the smart engineering.



San Lorenzo 46 Steel – Price of the Steel Greatness

Mr. Massimo Perotti, the CEO of Sanlorenzo said about 46 Steel: “We have made a major effort to try to understand the past two years, in terms of global developments and the marketplaces.” This effort and hard work definitely paid off as they already have delivered eight units of this class leading yacht so far.

If we speak about the numbers, for example the new model of Sanlorenzo 46 Steel (2018) is offered for 27,300,000 Euros (VAT not stated) – location Italy.

On the other hand the pre-owned model of 46 Steel (2011) can be purchased for 15,500,000 Euros (VAT not stated) – location Montenegro.

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