San Lorenzo 118 Yacht

Very spacious interior, which is effortlessly incorporated into the boat’s profile that is the main characteristic feature of San Lorenzo 118 yacht. This vessel is a truly cool representative of the popular SL line. This line is loved for sleek exterior lines, really big interior spaces, large windows, and the models are packed with lots of smart innovations. SL 118 is a great combination of all that was previously mentioned, but without losing her timeless beauty and charm so typical for any Sanlorenzo.

San Lorenzo 118 Yacht – The Powerful Statement

Behind each successful business, there is a smart and capable individual. Behind the successful SL line, there is Massimo Perotti, the CEO of Sanlorenzo.

Massimo Perotti made a very risky decision. He was the top manager at Azimut, when he decided to buy out Sanlorenzo from his owners, who were going to retire. He took his chances and made a decision of a lifetime, and time proved it was a good one.

He chose Sanlorenzo, because it had already great reputation, traditional looks and mainly it was a truly unique opportunity to leave his own mark in boat building industry. That was something he could not let to slip away.

Renewing of the SL line was one of his first projects as the new CEO. And SL 118 was a powerful statement that Sanlorenzo is not going anywhere..



Technical Data:

  • Length overall: 36.50 m
  • Maximum beam: 7.60 m
  • Draught @ full load: 2.25 m
  • Maximum speed: 27 knots
  • Engines: 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M96L
  • Guests accommodation: 10 people
  • Accommodation for the crew: 5 people
  • Fuel oil tank capacity: 13,700 l

Introducing SL 118 to the World

This Sanlorenzo yacht made her debut in spring 2014. Sanlorenzo arranged the event in the marvellous Italian resort of Rapallo and made sure it would take the guests’ breath away, giving the new model as much attention as she deserved.

Design by Francesco Paszkowski

Francesco Paszkowski is a famous Italian designer and architect. He started to be interested in design and particularly in yacht design during his studies. He established his own design studio in 1990. He has designed yachts from 24 m to 70 m.

His ability to design sleek and smooth exterior lines, which gives the impression that the vessel is in motion although it is moored, earned him respectful reputation in the world. Nowadays his work is recognized by the most famous yards. Sanlorenzo also appreciates his talent and has been cooperating with him on many outstanding projects.

And SL 118 is one of them. They share the same values and have sense for clean and timeless lines, so that you can be sure, that this Beauty will be the same chic in twenty years as she is today.

It is already very well known that quality is one of Sanlorenzo’s main objectives, so it is no surprise they have used plenty of carbon fiber to make the superstructure really strong and durable. In order to make the construction of the yacht even better, the moldings are vacuum-infused. And as they care for the comfort of the people onboard, they have minimized the noise in the accommodation area by implementing floating aluminum frames for better sound isolation.




Flexible to the Market Requirements

The Italian shipbuilder has another unique quality. They are very flexible to their clients’ needs, and they are also very well aware of the fact that a European client has different requirements than an American or Asian.

Therefore, almost each model has its American or Asian version and Sanlorenzo’s customers are all around the globe.

The SL 118 has also an American version and Mr. George Jousma, the president of Sanlorenzo Americas, was very optimistic about her future as he believed she could compete with the Sunseeker or even Westsport 112.

Her biggest advantage is definitely the spaciousness as there are not many boats of this size offering a full-beam master.

The clients can not only choose the décor but also the furniture. They can even change the whole layout of the boat. In practice it means, that the first thing the owner has to do is to decide whether his galley will be down below or on the main deck. This way the client can play with the space management of the yacht to achieve the best result based on his personal preferences.

The flybridge is the same glamorous as the whole yacht. There is a bar, jacuzzi tub and al fresco dining table nearby to let the guests enjoy the yachting in style sipping a drink or two while enjoying splendid view. There is hardly anything better than this.

What Is San Lorenzo SL 118 Price?

Mr. Massimo Perotti likes to speak about his yachts as about the pieces of art, but art needs time, care and a very individual approach. This everything sure reflects to the price of each model. And because Sanlorenzo offers customized design and construction the price of each yacht can vary.

There are more factors, which influence the final costs, such as: the year of production, whether the model is new or pre-owned, amount of changes made, etc.

For example the pre-owned model of SL 118 starts on 8,500,000 Euros (VAT information not stated).

On the other hand the new model of SL 118 (2018) is available for 13,800,000 Euros (VAT information not stated).

Wonderful Sailing Vacation on San Lorenzo 118 SL

This yacht can take you pretty much everywhere. It does not matter if you prefer island hopping, sightseeing or you are a water sport freak. She is a package of everything wrapped in really tempting luxury packing. Her spacious interior provides all the comfort you need to enjoy even long distance voyage onboard. She is the true Sanlorenzo indeed.



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