San Lorenzo review – We would be happy to hear from you

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  • JACK

    Hello, I found your blog / site of much interest. I have been involved in 2 new builds with them as an Owner’s representative (46 Steel & SD126) and can share many stories with you, so don’t feel that this was a one off occurence or your bad luck.

    Two thoughts come to mind about Max Perotti’ s philosophy 1. There is a sucker born every day. 2.

    Never ever believe anything he says even if you get it all in writing you need to have a lawyer on retainer. There is a joke in the industry that they are actually called ‘Scam Lorenzo‘.


    You site is interesting , I am the captain on a San Lorenzo 96, and the lack of quality never stops amazing me, we are currently replacing , well most everything
    We have had everything from holes I the transom above the shore power converter, we can not open the chiller system with out removing the cabinet doors, because the glen denning is In The way, shore power shield not stripped
    I could go on for days

    I was speaking with the Captain on another San Lorenzo, and he and The engineer basically told me, forget about any help from them

  • Tomas

    Hello, I was supervising many semi-customs (30mtr+) during construction in another company but that what I have seen here, it’s so shocking that it’s hard to believe.

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